Building Process for New Home Construction

  1. Select your floor plan
  2. Select a building site
  3. Select your lender for construction and permanent financing
  4. Redline meeting with builder to review and sign blueprints
  5. Receive loan approval and appraisal
  6. Lot surveyed and staked indicating excavation lines
  7. Receive plot plan and survey
  8. Excavation of basement/foundation
  9. Pouring of footings, stem walls, foundation walls
  10. Sewer lines and drain tiles placed; basement floors poured
  11. Framing and roofing
  12. Windows and doors installed
  13. Siding and bricking
  14. Mechanical system rough-ins completed: HVAC, plumbing and electrical
  15. Walk-through with builder to make sure mechanicals are located where desired
  16. Sheetrock installed, mudded and taped; ceilings blown
  17. Driveway and flat work poured
  18. Back fill and rough grade work completed
  19. Cabinetry and trim installed
  20. Wood floors installed, sanded and stained
  21. Trim painted and/or stained
  22. Walls painted
  23. Tile flooring installed
  24. Countertop materials are installed
  25. Plumbing fixtures installed; HVAC system completed
  26. Lighting fixtures installed and electrical work finished
  27. Details completed: mirror installation, plumbing faucets, door and cabinet hardware, etc.
  28. Carpeting and vinyl flooring (if used) laid
  29. Construction grading of lot completed
  30. Lawn and landscaping installed (if included in building agreement)
  31. Buyer does a “punch list” walkthrough and notifies builder of details that need to be completed
  32. Builder details and cleans the home
  33. Buyer does a “final” walkthrough to give final approval
  34. Closing – We pass the keys...Welcome Home!

custom range hood

jacuzzi tub

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